Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

commercial carpet cleaning long island

When searching for the best Commercial Carpet Cleaning services, you have found the right spot. Royal Carpet Care is the top commercial carpet cleaning service in Long Island!

No matter your space—be it a small office or a large building—we will come in and clean all sizes and types of Long Island facilities with commercial carpet. Once our team is on site, we not only clean your carpets, but also any office furniture in need of cleansing, and we do office partitions as well!

Churches with upholstered seats can certainly depend on us to get them clean, and even deodorized.

What Royal Carpet Care offers its Long Island customers that other companies don’t is a powerful Steam Extraction System that will leave your carpet almost totally dry immediately, with the rest of the drying process happening within a 4 to 8 hour period! Royal Carpet Care understands how important this is to a commercial space, as your down time needs to be kept to a minimum. Therefore, we will work around your hours of operation and not disrupt your business.

One of the best things about our system is that it is truck-mounted so the equipment is not coming into and soiling your place of business. Only clean hoses come into the building. As added features, there is no residue left on the carpet that might otherwise have caused re-soiling, your carpets can be walked on immediately after cleaning and our cleaning products are people/child and pet, friendly. So a veterinarian or pediatric practice should not be concerned.

We are fully insured and have many references to provide for you upon request.

Call us and we will come and give you a free on-site estimate for your commercial carpet cleaning.

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